Inspiring Individual Creativity

At Li’l Masters Academy (LMA) we see each child as a creative being built in the image of his Creator in order to influence and impact the world around him. As such, each child’s intellectual, emotional, social, and moral potential are carefully cultivated and molded so that they can properly understand the world around them. Because of our creative roots as an organization, we encourage creativity and curiosity. Children are encouraged to investigate what they do not yet understand - to care about others, relate to them and adapt to their physical and cultural environment. This investigative journey varies from child to child.

Li'l Masters Academy focuses its collective and individual efforts on the quality of the daily interactions of our children with each other, their teachers, their parents and other members of society so that they can be emotionally and mentally enriched while they progressively master the invaluable art of becoming a valuable and influential member of society.  NYU psychologist Jerome Bruner summarized it this way,

"I have come increasingly to recognize that most settings are a communal activity, a sharing of the culture. It is not just that the child must make his knowledge his own, but that he must make it his own in a community of those who share his sense of belonging to a culture. It is this that leads me to emphasize not only discovery and invention but the importance of negotiating and sharing in a world, of joint culture creating an object of schooling and as an appropriate step en route to becoming a member of the adult society in which one lives out one’s life."


Our Reason for Being

Li 'l Masters Academy was formed in order to facilitate an environment where children can grow to maximize their God given potential. Understanding that there is much more to educating a child than simply developing their general understanding of the world around them and expanding their intellectual capacity, our techniques reflect a concern over the development of the whole person. This would Include their mental, physical, emotional and spiritual development. Through a curriculum based on the teachings of Jesus Christ and the use of the creative arts, we at Li'l Masters Preschool lovingly help our students to mature in all aspects of their being until they reach their maximum potential in all areas of their lives



West Campus – 43 Charles St., Jersey City, NJ 07307. Preschool facility certified by the state that presently houses 2 1/2 to 7 year olds. 
East Campus – 110 Cambridge Ave., Jersey City, NJ 07307. This is a state of the art facility which houses Hope Center Arts, Hope Center Tabernacle, and Pierced Gallery. It is being prepared to house our infant and young toddler program for 2016.


  • ABEKA Christian curriculum
  • Music and Art instruction
  • Dance instruction
  • Drama instruction
  • Cursive writing and phonetics
  • Bible instruction
  • After-school tutoring (language, math, etc.)
  • Language instruction (Spanish)
  • Bilingual instructors


  • Beautiful welcoming facilities
  • Full backyard for outdoor play
  • Nutritious hot lunches and snacks
  • Area specific learning centers
  • Discounts on Hope Center Arts Academy programs