Learning and Playing

Play, as well as learning, are natural components of children's everyday lives. When children are asked what they like to do best, the answers are unanimous: to play. On the other hand, education for children is, on the whole, organised to promote learning rather than play.

However, while school is traditionally seen as a place of learning and not of play, preschool is more often associated with play rather than learning, from the child's perspective (Pramling, Klerfelt, & Williams Graneld, 1995).

Our Facilities

We have two facilities both located in Jersey City Heights, an area coined by the New York Times as the "new Williamsburg." The heights have long been a haven for artists. Our primary Arts Center and administrative offices are located in the state of the art anchor facility for our new "Arts District," with one of the largest fine art galleries in New Jersey at 5,000 square feet of space. The arts center has a performance stage, a professional dance room equipped with mirrors, ballet bars and a sprung floor. We have full media broadcasting capability at this site.

The West campus is our primary educational facility and is state licensed for use as a preschool. We have creative learning centers that allow each child to advance at their own rate and classrooms by age to provide for daily group instruction and interactivity.